If you are looking for a quiet PC, Canadian retailer Anitec has a system for sale that is certified by SPCR as conforming to their acoustic requirements.  At it’s heart is a Core 2 Duo E7300 and 2GB of Kingson DDR2 800MHz, along with a 9400GT 512MB, so it isn’t a gaming powerhouse.  It is a quiet and cool running PC perfect for environments where those are the major requirements.  If you aren’t in Vancouver and cannot visit their brick and mortar store, you can easily find them on the web for delivery.
“Anitec Computers of Vancouver, BC is now offering a new SPCR-certified PC for silent PC seeks in Canada. This unique, sleek, capable computer combines best-of components for the lowest SPL measured of any retail PC examined by SPCR. ”

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