In case you haven’t seen the story yet, there is a new trojan wandering the web looking for unsuspecting Firefox users.  Once it gets onto your system, either disguising it’s self as a valid extension install file or through a vulnerability that will allow it to sneak an install by you, it starts tyring to harvest your usernames and password for a long list of financial institutions.  The Inquirer has heard no news of a fix, but if you never installed Greasemonkey and suddenly seem to have it, then you may have a problem.

“ONLINE INSECURITY firm BitDefender has detected a new variant of phishing malware that targets only Firefox users.

The malicious chunk of code can infect a user’s system either via a ‘drive-by download’ that exploits a browser vulnerability or with a ‘download dump’ through duping the wibbler into authorising its download.

Once downloaded, the little nasty disguises itself as a Firefox Add-On named Greasemonkey, which is the name of a widely recognised toolset of scripts used under Firefox. The Add-On runs whenever Firefox is operating.

BitDefender has named it as “Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A”.”

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