Lian Li has entered the PSU market, with one of their flagship models being the Maxima 750W Power Supply.  From the results of the tests at Overclockers Online, Lian Li provides PSUs at a level of quality equal to their enclosures.  Thanks to that attention to quality, you can also expect to pay a premium for the PSU just as you do for their enclosures.  It is nice to see that you do get what you paid for.

“The Maxima force is quite the bundle. This unit brushes off anything thrown in its direction, and maintains and incredibly quiet operational temperature, but more than performance this unit also looks good. With a black crinkle finish, the Maxima force has a subtle yet undeniable rugged appeal, yet at the same time elegance. Let’s not forget, this is a Lian Li product. Fully sleeved cables and black connectors are a nice addition as well, and top off the deal.”

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