No matter how many “t”s you put in it, the next evolution in useful ultramobility will be a net enabled tablet PC, like Gigabyte’s new M192.  For just under $900 you get a netbook looking device with an 8.9” LCD running at 1280×768 that can flip back to be completely level with the keyboard, thus earning it the tablet moniker.  A 1.6GHz Atom, 1GB DDR2-533 and Intel’s Graphics Media Accelerator 950 provide the power and a 5,400-RPM 160GB platter drive give you plenty of storage space and keeps the price down.  The Tech Report took this 3lb system out for a spin, which lasted slightly longer than 2 hours and kept them interested the whole time.

“Gigabyte’s M192 breaks new ground for netbooks with a high-resolution screen that rotates and folds flat, birthing the first nettablet. Read on to see how netbook hardware fares in a tablet, and whether this convertible form factor makes sense for a budget subnotebook.”

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