GTA IV has arrived for the PC, allowing all those PC users who haven’t picked up a console to see what all the fuss is about.  Eurogamer really enjoyed several features such as the music but what really impressed them was the 32 person multiplayer support.  Doubling the maximum amount of participants can totally change the multiplayer experience and a lot of console fans may pick the PC version up for that reason.  Read the other features that put a smile on their faces here

“It’s not a problem Rockstar ever has to face. The joy of GTA is that it isn’t a complete thing. It’s endless. If the devs had all the money in the world to spend it wouldn’t be enough. There’s always something else which could fit in there without changing its core values. But with GTA IV, with as much money as it’s about possible for a videogame company to have, we saw what they could do. While it’s a step away from certain features of San Andreas, this is as maximalist as a game’s ever been, in terms of production values at least. The moment when you’re replaying a mission and you realise it’s got a completely different, brilliantly voiced conversation between the characters in the car is when you realise you’re a long way from most games’ occasional barks from whoever was passing through the studio at the time.”

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