There are many large differences between home system builders, one of the biggest being the aesthetics of the PC being built.  Some will spend hours and hours agonizing over the perfect enclosure to show off all of their components and the pretty cleavage on their video card’s cover, others will custom build an incredible work of art in which to house their creation. 

Then there is the group who would be happy to put their build in a cardboard box, as long as it provided enough airflow, their main concern is the function of the PC.  Most case manufactures target the former as opposed to the latter, who end up with a pretty case they never look at.  X-bit Labs takes a look at three manufacturers whose products are targeted more toward those enthusiasts.

“Today we are going to discuss three system cases and their modifications from the mainstream price segment from such popular brands as HEC, Gigabyte and Raidmax. Hopefully our article will help you make your choice.”

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