Setting up the perfect HTPC can be easier that figuring out exactly how to use it.  Sure there are fancy universal remotes, or full sized wireless keyboards but they are about as elegant a solution as getting up and walking over to it to control it.  ExtremeMhz has found a solution they like, the 262x112x23mm (10×4.5×1″) Brando Wireless Tiny Multimedia Keyboard.  Read on to find out what impressed them so much.

“While I have used plenty of keyboards that are targeted at HTPC users, I have yet to find one that is perfectly designed. Only one comes close, but still has some features that need improvement. Also, a majority have a lot of features you won’t even use in an HTPC environment, making them unnecessarily larger. The keyboard I’ll show you here may not be perfect, but is sure in a class of its own in terms of its overall size. Not small or mini, the new Brando Wireless Tiny Keyboard is exactly that…tiny! It is the smallest keyboard I have seen with comfortably-sized keys. Despite its diminutive size, it even packs in a trackball for mouse functionality and multimedia keys, making it suitable for HTPC enthusiasts.”

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