Ryan has spent a lot of time working with the new version of Badaboom from nVIDIA, the more expensive and higher quality video transcoder to compete with AMD’s offering.  It is not professional level software and can easily be used my anyone but the depth is there in the controls to get exactly what you want.  Read on to get a feel for what may be your best choice in making your videos and DVDs play on anything.

"The release of Badaboom v1.1 is not going to dramatically change the very early face of the consumer-level – it is a solid upgrade to an application that is only a few months old. The new features in this revision, including expanding input file support, multi-GPU support, 1080p output, H.264 Main profile support and some new pre-built output profiles make the program much more useable and functional for real-world use but there is still some room for improvement."

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