Blu-ray hasn’t quiet surpassed the DVD as the premiere choice for watching movies in your home but it is making a lot of headway, especially for HD aficionados.  The market is opening up a bit and you can find an affordable drive without haveing to pick up a PS3.  This also means there is a choice in which manufacturer you will buy your Blu-ray player from, and choosing the right one can make your experience a lot more satisfying.  Digital Trends offers some advice on that exact topic.

“When considering the best Blu-ray Disc players available today, we looked at audio and video quality-high-end video processing with 12-bit or 14-bit Deep Color-aiming to reproduce the most realistic picture. But a few caveats to note when doing your own research as well: · Most players now have Bonus View (a picture-in-picture capability for some discs) and BD-Live support for unlimited online special features. · Quick start is a convenience feature on some Sony and Samsung players that eliminates that interminable wait for loading discs and menus on many players. · New players from LG and Samsung offer not only Blu-ray Disc playback, but also add the ability to download Netflix movies. Samsung adds the online Pandora music player too. That having been said, following are our best choices for quality and features in terms of what’s currently on the market. Although, as an honorable mention, don’t forget the Magnavox NB500MG9 either, a cost-effective way for anyone to get into the Blu-ray Disc world, even on a budget. Because given the magic of high-definition, online-connected movies, well, Let’s just say that, no matter which model you choose, the whole family’s a winner. Go to the next page to start our list of the top 10 best Blu-ray players.”

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