We have posted a fewnews bits over the past weeks about NVIDIA’s Ion platform and the company’s attempt to get into the world of netbooks by offering up a new chipset solution for more graphics-savvy mobile computing.  While the technology is compelling, at least a few sources are saying that Intel is preventing NVIDIA from entering the market by forcing OEMs to buy Intel’s core logic chipsets as well as the Atom CPU in a bundle. 

HP is asking Intel
to relax restrictions on the Atom platform claiming they want to use larger sized screens – something that Intel requires the purchase of faster components to do strictly from a business perspective.  As big as Intel is, HP has some weight to throw around and you never know what opportunistic lawyer might have his ear to the tech world either and we KNOW that Intel loves to hear about anti-trust legalities.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is in negotiations with Intel seeking a slackening of its current restrictions which limit the use of Atom series processors only in netbook PCs with up to 10.2-inch panels, according to Taiwan-based notebook makers. HP hopes to use Atom in new mini-note PC models with larger screen sizes

In light of competition from Asustek Computer and Acer in promoting netbook PCs, HP’s 2009 roadmap shows that the company hopes to enhance its netbook lineup by offering an 11.6-inch model in the second quarter of 2009 and an 13.3-inch model in June 2009, the sources pointed out.

Negotiations between HP and Intel are expected to reach a conclusion at the end of January 2009, the sources noted. With its brand image and high volumes, HP stands a chance of obtaining consent from Intel, the sources analyzed.