Certainly there have been quite a few SSD reviews over the past few months, but as the technology is quickly maturing, it is worth keeping a very close eye on.  As they improve, the read and write speeds keep climbing, leaving platter based storage in the dust.  For another look at just how far ahead these drives are, check out the review of the top three models at X-bit Labs.

“And that, in essence, is where the SSD rests today – as an expensive extravagance limited only to the most ludicrously high end PCs. While the Intel X25-M breaks the mould and proves SSDs can deliver not only phenomenally fast read, but also decent write performance, its price tag is sure to put all but the most opulent hardware enthusiast off.

Sadly the same can’t be said for J-Micron based drives like the Patriot Warp v2 and G.Skill 128GB. While they deliver on the promise of significantly increased read speeds, the compromise on write speed makes them useless for all but the most specialist setups. While the price is a whole lot cheaper than the Intel, if you’re looking to switch your boot drive over to an SSD you might as well not bother – the issues around drive stuttering and read/write performance in Vista 64-bit just make them more of a headache than a help, although they remain an option if you’re considering a dedicated game install drive.

So where does this leave the SSD as a storage option? A long way from replacing mechanical drives is where. While Intel has unequivocally proven that the technology has legs and can perform, the price of such delights still sits far from the hands of mere mortals. While we’ve no doubt that SSD drive speeds will improve, capacities will increase and prices will drop in time, right now the SSD remains a desirable but expensive option that only the most wealthy should consider.”

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