A new processor family means that a whole new bag of tricks needs to be invented to push the CPUs as far as they can go without toasting them.  Legit Reviews is focusing on the memory, specifically trying to figure out the best speed combinations to get the new Triple Channel memory running at peak bandwidth.  See what they discovered in their full review.

“I was hoping that at the end of testing one speed grade would stand out as the obvious choice, but to be honest, since the performance is close to linear that really isn’t the case. With the world wide economy in a recession many consumers have a tight budget, so in the end only buy what you can afford. Also keep in mind that with processors like the Intel Core i7-920 and Intel Core i7-940 have a maximum memory speed of 1066MHz that can’t be increased unless you overclock the base clock. That means the only consumers to need higher clock speed memory are those lucky enough to purchase an Intel Core i7-965 Extreme processor…”

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