Today NVIDIA let loose some preview information for the upcoming GTX 295 graphics card – the dual-GPU 55nm GT200-based part that takes back the performance crown from AMD’s Radeon HD 4870 X2. 

You can read my preview here that includes some pictures, performance numbers and analysis.

NVIDIA is hoping that all of that will change with the New Year as a new flagship graphics card makes it way to the scene in the form of the GeForce GTX 295.  In the same lineage as the GeForce 9800 GX2 and 7950 GX2, this new card is in fact utilizing a pair of GT200-based GPUs on two PCBs all contained on a single dual-slot card.  The core of these GPUs is based on the GT200 architecture of course, though these new parts are first consumer cards to see the new 55nm cores on them.  (The underlying technology is the same though – see my first GT200 review for the full break downon this GPU’s inner-workings.) This was no doubt a requirement as getting a pair of the very hot and power hungry 65nm GT200s was a difficult task.