Ryan has been using the Belkin F1DD104L SOHO KVM switch for a while now, and wanted to share his experiences with you.  There is a lot more to this KVM switch than you might expect, beyond it acting as a shared USB hub for just about any USB device.  It supports dual-link connections as well as seperate input from microphone and speakers, so you can chat via Skpye on one machine, while using the keyboard, mouse and display on another.  Colour coding instead of numbering the machines is a little odd, but easily adapted to.

“The USB emulation also works perfectly – we have not had any issues with the keyboard or mouse in normal use or while benchmarking – no more USB attach/detach sounds to be heard here. Because emulation begins as soon as the system is turned on, you don’t even have to “select” each system while it is booting up – it will come up to windows perfectly without issue. Speaking of hearing, the audio and microphone connections were also flawless and the ability to listen to audio from one system while using another worked as expected.”

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