Regardless of whether you are into Internet Explorer or Firefox, you have some patching to do today.  Microsoft has just pushed out an emergency patch to deal with the recent highly publicized flaw that IE7 suffers from instead of waiting until January.  As Trend Micro has identified over 10,000 sites that are actively exploiting that flaw, you might want to apply it right now.

Firefox users may not have to worry about the same exploit, but that doesn’t make you any safer.  The Inquirer has details of the just released 3.0.5 update available today.  There are eight security patches in this update including several every bit as dangerous as the IE flaw.

“SMUG FIREFOX users snickering as they watch Microsoft’s scramble to patch Internet Exploder’s critical zero-day security vulnerability can wipe those smiles off their faces and get to updating.

Mozzarella has just unleashed Firebadger 3.0.5, which fixes three critical security flaws in the leading open sauce web browser.”

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