Unless you are an insect living in a hive, diversification is preferable to specialization, as long as you don’t completely botch projects outside of your original focus.  This is most likely the driving reason behind the ex-chief of Intel, Andy Grove, is recommending that Intel starts widening their focus.  Batteries for electric cars does seem to be a little far fetched, but according to The Inquirer’s article, Intel is already investing in battery companies.  Maybe we will soon be seeing ‘Intel Inside’ stickers in a lot more places.

“FORMER CHAIRMAN of Intel, Andy Grove is pushing the company to move in an unexpected direction and make batteries for plug-in electric cars, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Grove, who still advises the company, is apparently urging chief executive Paul Otellini in the direction of car batteries as he believes Intel should be filling this niche in the market and grasping the chance to diversify the business.

As the production of plug-in electric cars increases there is definitely room for companies such as Intel to step-up and move in on this growing market.

Grove has said that Intel’s vast fortune means that it could help this market as well as helping itself, as it could improve the performance of electric car batteries, and even cut the cost of selling as well as producing them.

The Journal reported that although Otellini didn’t want to comment on this rumour, an Intel spokesman did let slip that the company has already got some investments in battery companies.

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