Ars Technica is already feeling nostalgic for 2008, so they have started the awards season off early with their 2008 Ovatio awards.  (That’s a parade for a victorious general, by the way) The best and worst of 2008 are polished up and presented for you, covering the technologies, personalities and decisions that defined 2008 for the tech world.  Check it out and see if you agree and be reminded of things you have purposefully forgotten.
“December of 2008 bears many similarities to that winter of eight years ago, but everything is bigger and more complex – the computer, the network, the industry, the market, even Ars Technica. Nowadays, the web stack encroaches ever further into the domain of venerable operating system, and the massive datacenter replaces the simple file server. To suit this new and larger world, we’ve revived our annual awards tradition, and given it a reboot in the form of The 2008 Ovatio Awards, by Ars Technica.”

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