Head to the Guru of 3D to see their picks for the perfect Christmas system.  Three tiers are covered, from the budget gamer to the powerhouse, and the prices you will pay for the systems vary accordingly.  As a handy bonus, each build has a target resolution to play games at, so you can also match your monitor to your system.  No point in building a system that plays best at 2560×1600 if your monitor can only manage 1680×1050!

“Today Guru3D offers you their annual PC Buyers Guide, the 2008 Christmas edition was just launched. This article brings you a set of recommendations of products we feel are great components to build yourself a nice gaming rig.

Mind you that I deliberately said Gaming PC there as it is our focus, that and being budget aware. We break down this article in three segments, low-budget, mid-range and high-end. Guru3D’s guide will only cover the box. Monitor, keyboard, mouse and speakers are not included.”

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