PC Perspective’s new sponsor, Galaxy Tech, has gone all out in providing us with some gifts for you, our members.  We’ve already given out a GeForce 9500 GT and a GeForce 9600 GT.  We’re wrapping up the contest with the biggest prize, a 9800 GT, the winner of which will be announced Monday Dec 8th.  You don’t have much time left so stop procrastinating! 

As usual our contests are incredibly difficult to enter, so you’d better follow the rules closely.  Head to this thread in our forums and post something.  Let us know how much you love the forums, or how Galaxy is nVIDIA’s best partner, or even just say hi.  Once you’ve posted you are entered into the contest and while we do appreciate you keeping the thread going, you only get one entry.
The third gift from our new sponsor - General Tech 2