Three top X58 models are on display at Hardware Zone, the ASUS Rampage 2 Extreme, the MSI Eclipse SLI and the Gigabyte EX58-EXTREME.  Of the three, it is the Rampage 2 that will set you back the least and overclocks the best, but overall these boards are incredibly similar, the differences are most noticeable in the audio and networking components, as well as eSATA inputs.  As was mentioned on the podcast, the new Core i7 processor leaves little room for customization in the chipset, extras are where the difference in X58 boards can be found.  Read on to see what to expect.

“Intel’s Core i7 has been released and despite its merits, we doubt enthusiasts would go for Intel’s reference version. Instead, they will turn to their favorite vendors so we have gathered three of the top models from the top three and presented them here.”

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