Palit’s new Revolution R700 Deluxe HD4870X2 stands out among other X2s thanks to it’s 3 slot design.  They have thrown a large overclock on this already hot card and kept the temperatures within reason by adding a huge cooler to the card.  They didn’t waste that extra space on the back, in addition to a pair of exhaust vents there is a VGA connector, Display Port, HDMI and a single DVI.  Check out the performance at Overclockers Online, who never broke 72 degrees Celsius in their testing with this card.

“Connectivity is the other issue that Palit has addressed. By having four connectivity options the value of the card goes up in my mind. Display Port, DVI, HDMI and an anolog VGA output give you all kinds of flexibility. Display Port is not a popular option yet and is not very common, this will, of course, change in the future and this card will have some measure of future proofing based on its capabilities and connectivity. Performance-wise the Palit R700 fared about the same in the benchmarking as the Sapphire HD4870x2. At the lower resolutions it was beaten up a bit by the green camp, but once you start playing in the higher resolutions the performance comes alive or it just does not drop off. Probably a little of both. Overclocking the cores only gave me a 63MHz improvement, not huge but it will pay dividends. The memory overclock was huge though at 196MHz for a max speed of 1146MHz, nothing to sneeze at. By taking the road less traveled Palit has taken the HD4870X2 to a new level both in size and cooling capability.”

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