If you can’t afford Intel’s fancy new SLC X25-M SSD, Patriot’s 128G Warp MLC SSD may be a nice substitution.  The use of multi level cells does mean your write speed will suffer compared to an SLC drive, but from Beyond3D’s testing, this Patriot drive tends to beat out G.Skill’s SSD as well as the WD Raptor.  Maybe this is the gift for you?

“With SSD’s (Solid State Drive) getting more reliable, and single SSD’s producing 2x Raid0 like speeds the future is indeed bright for the fledgling technology. We’ve spotted smaller 32GB drives for under a hundred, and more reasonable 64GB sized SSD’s in the $150 (USD) range. While they aren’t competing with traditional platter drives price wise yet they are blowing the older technology away when it comes to raw speed.

Up until now we’ve seen SSD’s as a boot drive that provides enough space for your favorite applications and a few games, backed by a mechanical HD for data and less demanding applications. Enter the Patriot 128GB Warp SSD, providing enough space for may mainstream users to bypass even needing a data drive, and the speed true enthusiasts crave. We’ve got one in house and ready to run through our testing regiment, so sit back, strap on your seat belt, and get ready for what? You guessed it, more blazing fast speed! “

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