If you need enormous amounts of power for your PC, Tagan’s BZ 1300W can deliver it.  With the ability to deliver 92A and 1104W over it’s five 12V rails, you can pack as many video cards as you want and still have enough power, as long as you don’t try to hit 1300W.  [H]ard|OCP has been dissapointed in Tagan’s high wattage PSUs in the past, and this one shows some improvements, such as provideing 80% efficiency across the board and reasonably stable rails.  Just don’t expect it to handle full load at 100v very well, and whatever you do, don’t open it up to look at the quality of the assembly.
“Tagan delivers some impressive features in this 1300 watt powerhouse of a PSU. It is advertised as future proof and guaranteed to last, but does it deliver the full 1300 watts of advertised power under our test conditions?”

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