Okay, I really can’t justify this one at all, but damn if it isn’t freaking cool!  Lenovo has made official plans for the W700ds notebook that includes both a 17″ primary display as well as a 10.6″ secondary display that slides out of the primary monitor.  I’m not making this up:

Why you need a dual-screen notebook computer - Mobile 2

There is even a video of a (hopefully pre-production) unit demonstrating the secondary monitor:

We caught wind of this dual-screened ThinkPad last week, but now we’ve got some more details to get your mouths watering — and your wallets running for cover. The W700ds comes with your choice of Intel Core 2 Quad processors and combined with the NVIDIA Quadro FX 3700M GPU. RAM maxes out at 8GB and you can stuff a total of 960GB of SSD / HDD storage into this bad boy. The primary 17-inch screen is supposedly the brightest on the market, and if there wasn’t already enough to make you drool, it packs an integrated WACOM digitizer as well (like its single-screened sister, the W700). However, this 11 pound package starts at $3,600, so you’d better be ready to break out the piggy bank come January when this beast is set to ship. Don’t pout though, it probably wouldn’t have fit under the tree anyway. Check out two more pics after the break.