The rumors were true!  XFX has officially announced that they are going green – the other kind of green, with a bit or red in it.  Gross.

Anyway, XFX, well known for their line of NVIDIA-based graphics cards, has on their website news to expect AMD-based parts in early 2009, which is only a couple of short weeks away. 


What does this mean for NVIDIA?  Are they losing clout with their partners and future product roadmap?  Is XFX one of those companies that was going to be shorted on GPUs from NVIDIA and thus made the move to keep its business going strong?  We’ll be asking just these questions and let you know!
XFX, known for its high-performance NVIDIA™-based products, is pleased to announce the addition of AMD/ATI as a new technology partner. This new collaboration enables our R&D teams to work with a variety of new technologies, specifically the award-winning ATI Radeon™ HD 4000 series GPUs. We look forward to bringing you a variety of new products that meet your unique and specific needs.
Best of all, our ATI-based cards will come with all of the popular features that XFX is known for, including our unparalleled 5-Star support, access to customized drivers and factory overclocking.
Look for our new ATI-based cards in early 2009.