Danamics have just entered the cooling market with their LM10, a liquid metal cooler with an electromagnet.  Using a solution of sodium and potassium, both of which have an interesting reaction to water and almost guarantee a nice light show if the cooler ever leaks.  The metals are magnetic, which is why the LM10 moves the NaK with an electromagnet, perhaps not the best choice inside a PC.  NordicHardware pitted it against the Thermalright Ultra 120-Extreme, which soundly beat this new type of cooler.  Added to the performance problems is the price, €350 currently, significantly more than thoroughly tested solutions, like thermo-electric coolers.

“Today we bring you the world exclusive review of the liquid metal cooler LM10 from Danish cooling company Danamics ApS. Danamics was founded in 2005 with the goal of using liquid metal for cooling. Since then Danamics has been researching and developing new technologies that would enable them to do just that. Amongst others, they had to find a suitable metal, but most of all come up with a whole new electromagnetic pump.”

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