If you’ve ever wondered why it is a bad idea to forward a email claiming to be for good Samaritan purposes or to disclose some dire health threat that nobody knows about, check this thread in the Networking Forum, a large number of your friends would probably appreciate it.  You could also send anyone who forwards those type of emails to you a link to the thread as well.  Mind you, there is no reason to worry about software problems and spam if your hardware doesn’t work right, like this unfortunate member with a Q6600 system that doesn’t want to work

Once you are working right, and not dealing with malware, the next step on your mind may be how to make the rig go faster.  One of the most noticeable upgrades to look at is your video subsystem.  Sometimes the bump in speed can be achieved easily, through a driver update.  Other times you just have to go out and spend money, not that it is always easy to choose what to spend your money on, sometimes you even have to wait before the part you want becomes available. 

However you choose to keep your eyes occupied, your ears will love you if you listen to the newest PC Perspective Podcast, now on episode 43 and with new improved hardware!