The HIS Radeon 4870 ICEQ4+ TURBO is a full 1GB model sporting a fancy third party cooler that drops the temperatures as well as the noise at full.  As the running temperatures and fan noise were the two biggest faults of the original 4870, this really is a great step forward.  Add into that equation the coming price drop as well as the ~10% overclock that the Guru of 3D pulled off and you have a very attractive product.

“If there was one graphics card spectacular in 2008, it was the Radeon HD 4870 series. Yet this year a good number of games were released that actually make good use of a frame buffer larger than 512 MB.

Specifically at higher resolutions with a decent amount of Anti-aliasing and in DX10 games. Suffice to say we’ll look at a 1 GB graphics card today. It’s based on the Radeon HD 4870 and comes from HIS technology. The all new ICEQ4+ cooling based model. A spectacular looking graphics card.”

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