Virage has been a fair sized name in Intellectual Property in the semiconductor business, a gripping and exciting business for lawyers and accountants, but not really the target of much attention for enthusiasts.  A deal between Virage and AMD may be worth more than a glimpse, as it could change the face of the market a bit by introducing a new player.  Virage has a solid ability in R&D, but no physical product for sale and no experienced infrastructure get products into the channel.  AMD has a large channel, but R&D can be slow, especially developing both CPUs and GPUs.  This deal would allow AMD access to the more focussed R&D of Virage, while allowing Virage to make money selling product that has gone thorough AMD’s stringent manufacturing and testing process.  More at The Inq.

“Virage and AMD will start by collaborating on a gen-2 PCI-Express interface, an HDMI/DisplayPort interface, and a MIPI core, all of which will come in either 65 nm or 40 nm flavours and were developed for internal use by ATI. Virage will purportedly take the cores – designed for standard bulk CMOS – make them commercialisation-ready as for-sale third-party IP and then market them”

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