Highlights of the Linux ATI Catalyst 9.1 release include:

Full OpenGL 3.0 support

This release of ATI Catalyst provides full OpenGL 3.0 extension support. The following is a list of OpenGL 3.0 extensions added in Catalyst 9.1:

  • ARB_framebuffer_object
  • ARB_half_float_vertex
  • ARB_texture_rg
  • EXT_texture_array
  • EXT_texture_integer
  • EXT_transform_feedback
  • NV_conditional_render
  • WGL/GLX_create_context (for new 3.0 contexts)
  • GLSL 1.3
  • ARB_color_buffer_float
  • ARB_vertex_array_object
  • EXT_draw_buffers2

New Features

Hybrid CrossFireX support for Linux
This release of ATI Catalyst introduces Hybrid CrossFireX support. Hybrid CrossFireX delivers a significant 3D performance boost for systems featuring an AMD 780G/780D integrated graphics motherboard and an ATI Radeon HD 3400 Series or ATI Radeon HD 2400 Series graphics accelerator.

Support for new Linux operating systems
This release of ATI Catalyst Linux introduces support for the following new operating systems:

  • Ubuntu 8.10 production support

MultiView support:
This release of ATI Catalyst Linux enables users to render applications using a multiple GPU configuration with independent displays

  • Multview can be enabled using single or multiple GPU configurations with xinerama disabled o Configuration supported with Catalyst Control Center, under the display prop­erty tab.
  • Supported on any combination of the ATI Radeon HD 4000, ATI Radeon 3000 Series and ATI Radeon 2000 Series of graphics cards.
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