There is an undead monster in the closet which is having some serious issues.  For quite a while now, the license to the Ghostbusters franchise has been possessed by a number of different companies, each sucking a little more life out of it, either doing nothing with it, or worse, by releasing pathetic games or.  Now unless Atari can trap the spirit of the game it may never be anything but a phantom release.  Ars Technica has details on the whole sordid story.
“Over the years, there have been a number of games featuring strange and/or absurdly drawn-out development cycles. Games like Too Human, Daikatana, and Duke Nukem: Forever have all become legendary in the video game industry because of development delays, but few titles have managed to achieve the notoriety in recent memory that Ghostbusters: The Video Game has. Even though it has been in development for less than two years, the supernatural adventure has a supernaturally convoluted history that, at first glance, seems about as easy to pick apart as Alexander’s Gordian Knot.”

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