It seems amazing that the memory of one bad occurrence can stick in the memory and be pulled out years later to refute current fact.  You still run into claims that VIA chipsets are horribly unstable and inefficient and that ATI drivers are bad.  In the Processor forum, an old video of Tom’s has reared it’s head in a thread talking about how AMD chips have a higher failure rate than Intel.  Thankfully, the fellows here on the forums set the record straight. 

You can get even more straight talk from Ryan, Josh and I in the newest PC Perspective Podcast, just over an hour of the latest and greatest tech news, and a little on the sad news about the state of the IT industry which we have seen over the past week.

The Windows 7 beta is still the topic of choice in our Windows forum, where quite a few members are trying it out and sharing their experiences and fixes.  Among the various comments and suggestions is advice about “trying on a tux over your street clothes“.  In The Lightning Round, as you might have suspected, you can find a lot of buzz about Obama and what his Presidency may mean for America and the rest of the world. 

For those who are looking for a little something new there is the Hot Deals forum, or if you only want something new to you then try the Trading Post.  Where ever you do choose to go, make sure to have at least a little fun this weekend, but save some energy for the following Sunday.