ASUS definitely isn’t sitting on its hands with this whole “Eee” branding thing.  While we have in the past poked fun at the company’s desire to put the Eee moniker on just about ANYTHING they could paint white, at CES yesterday ASUS showed off quite a few interesting new products in various stages of development.  The most exciting was probably the Eee Keyboard PC – a fully functioning computer in a stylized keyboard that has an iPhone-sized touch pad on the right hand side where the number pad would usually be located.  The back of the unit has connections like Ethernet, DVI/VGA output, USB and audio jacks.  The PC includes a built-in speaker and microphone as well as a first: integrated wide-band wireless HDMI.  Now if only we could get some displays that would use it!

Another interesting model featured two PCs in a single notebook chassis and where the touch pad would normally be was a 4.3″ touch screen instead that was the display for the smaller, lower powered PC components.  The benefit of this is that you can power the larger display with the lower power computer for longer battery life when doing simple things like watching movies.  The hardware powering the “main” PC was a common Eee PC setup while the hardware behind the touch pad PC was a mystery – likely either a VIA or NVIDIA system-on-a-chip. 

ASUS also showed off general purpose touch screen Eee PCs as well as a touch screen, swivel display tablet-style unit (the Eee PC T91) as well.  An iMac-look-alike PC was shown also dubbed the Eee Top and also includes a touch screen.  I have a short video below that goes over all of the products with some groovy music in the background.  Enjoy!