CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, LAS VEGAS, NV (January 6, 2009) – ASUS, worldwide leader in component and notebook design and manufacturing, will unveil its extensive lineup of products showcasing at CES 2009. Focusing on the main theme of “Access Life with ASUS”, the rich assortment of products that will be exhibited at CES 2009 aim to simplify users’ lives and help them realize their full potentials in the new digital era. By designing technology to accommodate user needs and not the other way around, ASUS’ innovations and devices serve to deliver better performance and seamless communication anytime, anywhere.

Embrace the Exciting Eee Life
Inaugurating with an “Easy to Learn, Work and Play” concept, the first Eee PC released in 2007 paved the way in the new digital era with its user-centric features like its small size for extreme portability, shockproof design outdoor computing, and ASUS exclusive Super Hybrid Engine (SHE) for all-day computing. During CES ASUS will showcase the latest offering in its Eee PC line with the Eee PC S101 and S101H (hard disk version) – a stylish and exquisitely designed netbook for fashion forward individuals who view style as much of a factor of success as substance. Additionally, ASUS will also be displaying the Eee Stick – a Plug and Play full motion wireless gaming controller for the PC platform; the Eee Top – an all-in-one touchscreen computer that boasts full regular desktop PC functionality, and the Eee Box – a compact, power-saving 1L-sized PC that provides low-power computing with a minimal footprint – all providing ease of use for complete computing convenience anytime at home.

Extreme Gaming Solutions
Specifically designed with gamers in mind, the ASUS G71 offers full-tilt performance as the leading Intel Quad Core gaming notebook. Packed with extreme graphics capabilities, the G71 delivers a total gaming experience in a highly portable package, with an emphasis on audio clarity and stunning graphics performance. As a dedicated gaming notebook, the G71 sports an impressive array of high performance components, to deliver uncompromising multimedia entertainment and games while on the move. Other models in the G-Series line of gaming notebooks include the G50Vt and G70Sg gaming laptops; which feature extreme performance graphic cards to offer superb gaming visuals, as well as built-in ASUS exclusive features like Direct Messenger – a second display that lets gamers keep updated on any emails and instant messages, or system information like CPU loading while they game.

The ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) Rampage II Extreme is a motherboard that embodies the pinnacle of extreme gaming, and holder of several world records for over-clocking. Keeping in line with ROG’s commitment to producing cutting-edge, boundary-redefining products for the serious gaming and over-clocking community, the ROG Rampage II Extreme incorporates the latest innovations and components into its architecture to push the boundaries of the new Intel Core™ i7 platform to the limit; allowing continual improvements to existing over-clocking world records. Comprising other innovative features like the ROG Extreme Engine and the premium Multilayer type Polymer Capacitors (ML Caps), gamers the world over will be able to enjoy blistering speeds and performance for their every gaming need.

Designing the Complete Lamborghini Experience
Radiating desire and evoking envy with just a look, the ASUS-Lamborghini VX5 notebook is designed to deliver not only the notion of the Lamborghini spirit, but also advanced technological innovation and practicality. By utilizing exceptional materials and details to make the notebook look, feel and run like a supercar, the VX5 transports the user to a realm where power, speed, strength and beauty all complement each other perfectly. The breathtaking design starts with a LCD cover designed to remind users of the Lamborghini’s aluminum alloy fuselage; while its piano painted mirror surface is reminiscent of an automobile’s finish. Upon opening the notebook, users are immediately drawn to the glare-type LCD display; and a subtle LED backlit lighting provides an appealing aura for both the keypad and touchpad that just exudes stylish computing. To complete the Lamborghini experience, the exclusive luxurious feel of the genuine leather bound palm rest area provides the sensation akin to a car interior – perfectly capturing the Lamborghini luxury in a fresh tactile manner. With speakers designed to look like its on-road cousin’s air-intakes and a sapphire crystal camera surface that is almost as hard as a diamond for protection against scratches, the VX5 is truly an extreme and spectacular expression of ASUS and the Lamborghini spirit.

Award-winning Design for Exceptional Media Enjoyment
The P4-P5N9300 barebone system is designed to be a user’s companion in daily life. With a small footprint that comprises a simple and elegant profile, it seamlessly fits into any environment, especially home offices. The design also reflects on providing a better user-experience, with minimal LED lighting to prevent user distraction; and an easy-to-use optical drive door access feature. It also supports the latest graphic technologies to fulfill its role as a media center – making the ASUS P4-P5N9300 is the most attractive system for easier and more colorful digital living!

Technological Innovations for the Future
Among the technological advances that will be displayed, ASUS’ new M4 Series motherboards – which will support the latest AMD® processors, will be unveiled. Utilizing a brand new motherboard design built from the ground up, this series of motherboards will feature a revolutionary 8-Phase power design to fully complement the next generation processor. The Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe audio card features Protected Audio Playback Systems (PAPS) and full Advanced Access Content System (AACS) certification for non-downsampled Blu-ray audio. It is capable of decoding Blu-ray movies and takes full advantage of lossless digital audio formats such as Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ for professional, high-fidelity 24bit, 96-192Khz sounds. Designed specifically for next generation home theater PCs (HTPCs); and equipped with a proprietary AV200 audio processor, HDMI1.3a certified Splendid HD video processor and an embedded HDMI port – the Xonar HDAV1.3 Deluxe delivers high definition audio and video for superb entertainment.