If there is one place on this planet that absolutely screams wealth, it is Dubai and it’s architecture.  Why not show off your own style with the Lian Li PC-888 which looks almost exactly like one of the most famous hotels in Dubai.  It will even hold a full sized system and cool it as well.  You can see the pictures of this case at bit-tech.

“For those who’re always moaning that every modern case designs are always just another turn on the familiar black/silver box, Lian Li is here to shake things up with its newly announced PC-888 case, set to debut at CES this week.

Inspired by the design of the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai, it looks set to continue Lian Li’s tradition of occasionally producing off the wall cases unlike anything else on the market. We think you’ll agree that there’s nothing else on the market that looks anything like it.

Some of you may remember Lian Li’s “Snail” case, the PC-777, and the PC-888 is in very much the same vein, chucking traditional case aesthetics in the bin with a unique chassis design that’s pitched firmly at those looking for something a little bit special to house their beloved system in. “

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