Reporting ‘live, as it happens’, especially at an electronics trade show, does have some drawbacks.  You benefit from the feeling of being there and capturing the moment and get to see a lot of cool new kit for the first time without waiting for a full write up.  That quickness does tend to make the reporting a little more shallow since there simply isn’t time to full cover all the details.  Ars Technica has revisited a lot of what they covered at CES in a more indepth fashion, which you can see here if you aren’t already expo-ed out.

“CES may officially be over, but here at Ars we’re still processing all of the news and interviews that came out of the show. Over the next week or so, we’ll continue to write about what we saw, heard, and learned. But for now, let’s pause and take a look back to wrap up some loose ends, recap the highlights, and prepare for the coming year in tech.

In this short CES wrap-up, I’ll go back and fill in the blanks on some of the hardware stories that I covered, and Gaming Editor Ben Kuchera will hit the highlights of the CES gaming news.”

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