For just over $200 you can get your hands on the Thermaltake DH-101 VF7001BNS, an HTPC case with the styling you would expect from Thermaltake.   Not only is it pretty on the outside, there was plenty of room inside to fit a HD 2900XT. takes you through their whole experience, from unboxing to final assembly in their review.

“Thermaltake took a long look at what a Home Theater PC needs and provides everything that one would want and need to make a full-fledged HTPC. Just provide the motherboard, the CPU, the memory the drives and the video card and you are good to go. The DH-101 is meant for a Digital Home user and is easy to install and use. The unit is in full-time use at Doc’s house as his Blu Ray Disc or HD-DVD player can accommodate anything a regular PC can. The HD 2900XT is a rather long video card and fit into the case without problems. If you are looking for a fully featured HTPC case with plenty of airflow and room for expansion this is the case for you. An excellent design and an excellent unit for the Media PC.”

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