ExtremeTech sacrificed the last week playing a through a long list of games on the Windows 7 beta.  A lot of the features, like Game Explorer will be familiar to Vista users.  One big difference is that just about every game they tested work perfectly, or with a minimum of problems.  They even go fairly far back into the past, resurrecting games you may not have thought about in years, which you can still play on Windows 7.

“Will Windows 7 run your games?

The short answer is, mostly, yes. We just spent the last week installing and running through 22 different games, of varying ages, going back as far as Quake II. We also ran some of the newest, hottest titles, including several using the Games for Window logo program, which is supposed to be a sort of “Good Housekeeping” seal for PC games. If the game has the Games for Windows logo, so the thinking goes, then it should at least install and run properly.”

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