Just days after Asus revealing its line-up of AM3 motherboards, Gigabyte’s first AM3 motherboard gets ousted and although it doesn’t come with too many surprises, it does at least indicate that Gigabyte is serious about bringing its 2-oz copper PCB to the AMD platform.

The GA-MA790FXT-UD5P as it’s called, features the new UD3 design with blue and white slots and the new titanium and blue heatsinks. There’s also a heatpipe helping to cool the chipset. There’s no word on the power regulation of this board, but it’s good for 140W processors, so overclocking shouldn’t be a problem on this board.

Feature wise it doesn’t really stand out too much, as it has a pair of x16 PCIe slots, three PCIe x1 slots and two PCI slots. On top of this you get eight rear USB 2.0 ports, two PS/2 ports, two FireWire ports, a pair of Gigabit Ethernet ports and 7.1-channel audio with optical and coaxial S/PDIF out. Gigabyte has added an additional four SATA ports for a total of 10 SATA ports and the board has headers for an additional four USB 2.0 ports and a single FireWire port. Oddly enough, Gigabyte has also included a header for a parallel port, which seems a bit old school in 2009.

The board also have onboard power and reset buttons, although as they’re located behind the 24-pin power connector, it could be hard to get to them in a pinch. There also appears to be another button on the motherboard next to the SATA ports, but we’re not quite sure what this is for at the moment. As the name suggests the board is based on the AMD 790FX chipset and it has been paired up with the SB750.

Additionally Gigabyte is set to launch the GA-MA770T-UD3P which will also have DDR3, but it will be a simpler model based on the AMD 770 chipset and the GA-MA790X-UD4P which will be a DDR2 model based on the 790X chipset.

Gigabyte announces its first AM3 DDR3 motherboard - Motherboards 2