Hitachi’s Deskstar E7K1000 is a terabyte drive with a full 32MB cache and three 334GB platters.  The large size of the platters should, in theory, offer quieter running as well as drawing less power, especially when partnered with the “Hitachi Voltage Efficiency Regulator Technology”.  The Tech Report ran this HDD through their testing suites and proved that not only does this new Deskstar offer both of benefits mentioned, it also offers greater speed.  This update was certainly worth the wait.

“Not content to be left out, Hitachi has updated its Deskstar line with a new terabyte model primed for enterprise. With three 334GB platters, this fresh E7K1000 should easily outclass the original. The real question, however, is how it fares against the latest terabyte drives from Western Digital, Seagate, and Samsung. Join us as we put the E7K1000 through its paces against the best the competition has to offer to find out.”

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