The Tryanid are already here!  If you bought the Dawn of War: Soul Storm expansion you could have played yesterday, everyone else can pick up the multiplayer demo via Steam today.  bit-tech did pick up the multiplayer demo early enough to test it, and give you some insights into the Humans, Orcs, Eldar and Tyranid.  The learning curve is steep, as the designers have broken away from the major base building focus of most previous RTS games, as well as keeping the pseudo-RPG elements in the later Dawn of War series.

“What I’m trying to say here is that Dawn of War 2’s multiplayer beta is, at the moment, very, very inaccessible for the uninitiated. While the full game’s single player campaign will no doubt familiarise you with the myriad array of abilities you can wield and expect to have wielded against you (and their appropriate counters) going in cold without any real tutorial is more likely to turn players off than get them interested in the full game. Getting whupped by more skilled players over and over again is not a good advertisement.

The use of four armies so different from each other provides yet another obstacle for the uninitiated, and just when you think you know everything that the Tyranids might throw at you, you play a match against the Orks and are faced by a completely new set of units and challenges.”

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