As long as your wallet can handle a $500 hit, your PSU can handle a 450W drain, and your CPU or RAM isn’t going to offer a bottleneck, you are probably thinking fondly of the GTX 295.  Bjorn 3D took a little time before releasing their review of the BFG GTX 295, comparing it against some of nVIDIA and AMD’s finest, including SLI and a second GTX 295 to see how BFG’s offering fares.  When able, they also enable PhysX on the card to see what impact that will have on frame rates.  Check out the full reivew to see for yourself.

“BFG has been a favorite among computer enthusiasts for quite a while now. Known for their high quality cutting edge Nvidia GPU’s and high efficiency power supplies, many an enthusiast has browsed the BFG site longing for that massive GPU that would complete their gaming shrine. Since the introduction of the GTX-200 series things have been really exciting in the GPU world.

We’ve been seeing GPU power steadily increase to the point where even seasoned veterans are excited to the point of lunacy. Each new GPU grants increased graphics and parallel computing power like we’ve never seen. Then along comes the GTX-295, putting SLI onto a single card and making it possible for anyone with a single PCI-E 16x slot to run SLI on one GPU on any platform, not that we’d recommend running the BFG GTX-295 on anything less than a high end Dual Core or Quad. We’d really recommend Core i7 or Phenom 2 to drive one of these beasts. With graphics running this high end you need a good CPU to prevent bottlenecking. Once you have the platform to run this beast on, the results are stunning. So far, no game we’ve seen, including the GPU killer Crysis, slows this beast down enough to become unplayable. Frames fly by and game play is so smooth that it makes your mouth water. The biggest problem we’ve had with the BFG GTX-295 so far is keeping people away from it. Once they see the graphics power of this beast they’re hooked.”

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