AMD hasn’t been holding up their end of the fight recently, and as they can’t manage to pick up nVIDIA, Intel has decided to take on any comers.  The recent battleground has been to make the smallest possible system, a special niche that was the exclusive territory of VIA.  That hasn’t stopped Intel’s Atom smashing into the market and making the netbook popular.  Now they are setting their sights on Microsoft and the Linux community by developing Moblin, their own mobile OS.  You can find The Inquirer’s reaction to the newly released alpha here.

“INTEL HAS proved itself to be pretty good at building netbook platforms, so it’s decided to have a go at building netbook software too.

Most thightops sold today come with either a Linux-flavoured operating system (OS) or, for those prepared to splash out some extra cash for Bill’s retirement fund, Windows XP. But with Windows 7 on the way, Intel is proving a little impatient waiting for XP to fizzle out gracefully, and is coming out with its own Linux based OS – Moblin.”

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