Toshiba’s new Tecra R10-10S has a very flexible cover, designed to take the rough handling that comes with being on the road.  Inside is a C@D SP9300 running at 2,26 GHz,  2GB DDR2 and an Intel X4500MHD to power the 14.1″ screen.  In their final analysis, InsideHW felt this notebook was a brilliantly balanced design, not the lightest, nor the fastest, but perfect for business travel applications.
“Good business notebook should be lightweight, reliable, fast and with long autonomy and good quality. Toshiba built Tecra R10 for business users that travel a lot and we will see if Toshiba fulfilled its goal. At first sight Toshiba Tecra R10-10S doesn’t look tough. This impression is consequence mostly because of slim and flexible cover. Surprisingly, even under severe bending of cover, there was no picture distortion. After thorough inspection we concluded that toughness and quality of Tecra R10 aren’t that bad. Although if you expected casing that can withstand extreme punches you will be slightly disappointed…”

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