Fans on MSI motherboards may be interested to read about their new Click BIOS, a UEFI BIOS which allows the use of a mouse, among other things.  It has taken until Vista x64 SP1 to make a Windows machine work with a UEFI BIOS, previously only found in Apples.  The MSI P45D3 Platinum is the first motherboard to feature this BIOS, head over and take a look.

“If you buy an MSI board and don’t like it though – the old school BIOS is still supported, just re-flash over it. However, MSI doesn’t include any sort of BIOS backup on board, which is a little worrying, and what would also be a good idea is to ship the board with both BIOS’ and let the user manually switch between them – creating a backup, and a safer real time option.

In all, we like what MSI has done with a familiar place – the important parts work well and it’s certainly an improvement which is what counts at the end of the day. There are some ideas that completely baffle us and are best left untouched or removed by MSI, but generally we just can’t wait until it’s ported across the rest of its range to boards we really want to buy or already use because the potential is immense!”

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