For those looking for high end cases, with incredible amounts of extras and features, dropping several hundred dollars on a case is the standard.  Not everyone is looking for a case that resembles a tower in Dubai, some simply want a workhorse enclosure that does what it needs to, and perhaps a little more and costs somewhere in the neighbourhood of $100.  NZXT’s lineup has offered exactly that, and their new Tempest continues that tradition, perhaps even bringing it to new heights.  5 fans and a nice window are only a taste of the reasons that OCMIDSHOP likes this new offering from NZXT.

“PC Gaming is a serious business. Maybe it’s because PC gamers are constantly upgrading their hardware and are usually on the cutting edge (if not bleeding edge) of the latest PC technology. PC gamers not only require their hardware to be fast, but look cool at the same time. There is a degree of one-upmanship amongst PC gamers, and the green-eyed monster usually sparks an interest at LAN parties. I know when I go to a LAN party I find lots of new hardware I just have to have in order to feel like the technology guru I know I am.

Unfortunately, the hardware specifically targeted towards gamers is also very expensive. An elite PC Gaming Case (chassis or enclosure) has many more features than your standard office PC. For one, many include built-in support for watercooling, and others provide easy access to USB and audio ports…. and of course should have a window to show off all of your LEDs, VFDs, CCFDs, and all the other acronymns you have inside.”

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