bit-tech’s review of Mirror’s Edge on the PC could be summed up as ‘better than the console version’, though that wouldn’t be fair to the full review.  The game was intended to be a showcase of what PhysX can do, and while the effects are certainly evident, the physics have a lesser impact on the game than games lik eHalf Life 2.  The single player game is relatively short, expect 7-8 hours, with a fair amount of fun to be had before the end.

“That said, the combat is usually a lot more optional than it appears to be and there are several places in the game where you’re advised by your friends on the radio that it would be best to tackle foes you could easily avoid if you wanted. The actual mechanic of the combat means that encounters don’t last long too – enemies go down with just a punch or two and can put you down in the same amount of time. Getting through most encounters quickly isn’t a problem, it’s just when you hit a bad run that things feel annoying.

To focus too much on these relatively minor negatives though would be a crime in our eyes, taking attention away from the far more numerous redemptive aspects of the game. The only problem the game really suffers from is a somewhat stunning brevity and an ending that’s strangely abrupt and unfulfilling despite the fact that the run-up to it left us panting like excited dogs with blocked noses.

OK, so Mirror’s Edge still isn’t perfect despite the extra coat of gloss that the PC versions received. The fact remains though that it’s an absolute must have for anyone who likes FPS’ or platformers and for any console gamers who, like’s Jamie, were put off the console version by stiff and awkward controls. This is the definitive and superior version of Mirror’s Edge and it’s truly glorious despite the brevity.”

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