The best way to judge a power supply before you plug it in is to tear it apart and look at all the naked components, exactly what was done by Hardware Secrets in the first part of their Enermax Liberty ECO 500W review.  This 500W PSU is billed as an “Eco” model, implying at least some energy savings, belying the PCI-E power connector.  During testing the model managed between 83.6% to 89.1% efficiency, a fairly respectable rating.  The price and the performance put this PSU at the top of it’s class as far as Hardware Secrets is concerned.

“The new Liberty ECO series from Enermax comes to replace their popular Liberty DXX series, featuring a modular cabling system, 120-mm fan, active PFC and labeled at 40º C – i.e., the manufacturer guarantees that the unit can deliver its labeled power at this temperature. The main problem with the Liberty DXX series was efficiency, which dropped below 80% if you pulled more than 60% the unit’s maximum load. Since we had already reviewed Liberty DXX 500 W it will be really interesting to review Liberty ECO 500 W to see how this new version compares to the old version. Is Liberty ECO 500 W a good product or has the same efficiency issue as Liberty DXX 500 W? Can it really deliver 500 W? Check it out”

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