The OCZ Apex SSD is an odd beast, build on Jmicron MLC flash technology one might expect it to have the slower performance typical of MLC drives, but OCZ is positioning it to take on the mighty Intel X25-M 80GB SSD which uses faster SLC flash for storage.  The key is the use of a pair of flash memory controllers and an onboard RAID chip, to help bring the bandwidth up.  If you want to see how well OCZ managed, read Ryan’s full review.

“Probably the most interesting part of the OCZ Apex drive is the fact that it uses not one, but rather a pair, of the JMicron JMF602 controllers. Yes, these controllers are somewhat notorious for performance issues including stuttering and pausing but they are cheap and allow OCZ to offer drives with larger capacity than what MLC Samsung-based drives and Intel- based drives offer. In order to attempt to address these performance complaints the Apex series uses a PAIR of the controllers with an internal RAID-0 configuration.”

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