Usually when you are looking for recommendations on security software like anti-virus, you ask those in the know to tell you their favourites.  You can also gain a lot by asking them which are the worst anti-virus programs, to build a list of software to avoid, just like in this thread27 years after the inception, the problem just keeps going like some sort of infected Energizer Bunny.

A far more popular question has to do with overclocking the new parts we are seeing arrive in stores, from both AMD and Intel.  The proud owner of a new Phenom x4 9850 is looking for tips on how to overclock the new architecture and how it interacts with the memory.  There are also a few members anxiously awaiting a Core i7.

There is no point in overclocking your system if it isn’t stable and hunting down the exact cause of instability can be incredibly frustrating.  While many problems can be isolated quickly, determining if your PSU is the culprit can take quite a long while.  As an example, take a look at the testing done in this thread in our Cases n’ Cooling forum. 

The Graphics Forum still hasn’t calmed after nVIDIA’s recent graphics card releases, in fact it has picked up even more thanks to driver updates for AMD cards as well as nVIDIA PhsyX and even RivaTuner. 

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